We deal with all drug offences including:

  • Possession with intent to supply drugs
  • Possession of drugs
  • Conspiracy to supply drugs
  • Importation of drugs
  • Production/ cultivation of drugs
  • County Lines
  • Encro chat - Operation Venetic

Cantaris Locke Solicitors have vast experience in dealing with all type of drug matters, be it from simple possession of cannabis to importation of millions of pounds worth of Class A drugs. We regularly deal with high profile drugs matters that relate to serious organised crime groups that are prosecuted nationwide. These matters include possession with intent to supply and conspiracy to supply drugs, importation of Class A drugs valued in the millions and large-scale cannabis operations. We have recently been instructed on numerous high profile cases involving encrypted phones that have received significant media attention.

Drug cases are vigorously prosecuted by the Crown Prosecution Service with the assistance of the National Crime Agency. These types of prosecutions can appear overwhelming and can often involve surveillance operations, complex phone evidence and over-exaggerated valuations regarding the potential profit of the supply.

The prosecutions for these matters have recently become more complex and regular, given the development of the county lines model. The prosecution will often rely on cell site and phone evidence in order to prove their case. Lawyers at Cantaris Locke Solicitors are experienced in dealing with these types of prosecution. We instruct specialist barristers and telephone experts with a nationwide reputation. We have secured numerous acquittals by defending our cases in such a way as to cast severe doubts on the nature of the evidence presented by the prosecution. This often includes providing expert evidence to cast out on the reliability of phone evidence including messages and locations.

Even when our clients plead guilty, we are often able to negotiate a basis of plea with the prosecution that lowers our client's role or reduces the offence to one of simple possession rather than supply. This often results in our clients avoiding custody. We also regularly instruct experts who specialise in the field of drug supply and valuation. We have persuaded the court to reduce the figure regarding the potential profit which has enabled us to reduce a charge or level of sentence.