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R -v- A, Central Criminal Court (The Old Bailey), Murder

The Defendant was accused of murdering his girlfriend.  He was charged with murder following his confession to the killing to his psychiatrist.  A psychiatric assessment arranged by one of our solicitors demonstrated that at the relevant time of the killing the Defendant was suffering from an abnormality of the mind.  The charge of murder was substituted with a charge of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.  


The Defendant was found not guilty of murder.


R- v -I, Central Criminal Court (The Old Bailey), Murder

This was an extremely high profile case that received nationwide media coverage. A feud between notorious South London gangs lead to an array of violence resulting in the death of a young man.


R -v- A, Snaresbrook Crown Court, Blackmail and Kidnap, 2016

This was an extremely serious allegation that would have resulted in a significant custodial sentence.

The defendant was accused of kidnapping an individual and taking him to a location where he was violently assaulted and threatened with a knife. He was forced to hand over thousands of pounds.

After a two week trial the defendant was acquitted of the charges.


R- v- N, Croydon Crown Court, conspiracy to possess firearms and conspiracy to cause GBH, 2017

The Defendant, together with two others, was charged with conspiracy to possess firearms with intent to endanger life and conspiracy to cause GBH.  The Defendants' arrests followed a police surveillance operation. A re-activated firearm was found on the premises of one of the co-Defendants.  The Prosecution case was supported by telephone and computer downloads suggesting that the defendants had been involved in preparation for acts of violence.  The Defendant was looking at a lengthy custodial sentence.  

Our legal team managed to persuade the Prosecution to accept a plea to a lesser charge of possession of a firearm on a limited basis which resulted in the Defendant receiving the minimal term available.





R-v- K, Woolwich Crown Court, Sexual Assault, 2017

We represented K, who had been accused of serious sexual assault against his housemate.  The Defendant was aquitted after a 3-day trial.


R -v- R, Coventry Crown Court, Appeal against Conviction, 2016

The Defendant was convicted in the Magistrates' Court for sexually assaulting a member of staff whilst working in his capacity as a manager. He subsequently lost his job and working visa.

The Defendant approached our firm after conviction and instructed us to appeal it.

We managed to unearth crucial evidence that was not dealt with at his trial in the Magistrates' Court.  The Appeal was allowed and the Defendant's conviction was overturned.


R -v- C, Snaresbrook Crown Court, Sexual Assault, 2015

This case involved allegations of serious sexual offences against a minor. They were historic offences, alleged to have occurred nearly 20 years prior to the Defendant's arrest.

The first trial resulted in a hung jury.  During the first trial evidence was revealed that documented dreams the Complainant had through her childhood.  Some of the dreams were of a sexual and violent nature. This raised the concern that allegations may have been imagined and inaccurate.  This was a unique set of circumstances which required specialist expertise. We were able to identify the issue immediately and decided to instruct an expert in Recovered Memory Syndrome.

The Crown Prosecution service withdrew the charges before the trial commenced.


R -v- T, Snaresbrook Crown Court, Multiple counts of rape and sexual assault, 2014

The case involved historical allegations of rape and sexual assaults. The case rested on the testimony of a relative.

The Defendant was acquitted after trial.




R -v- A, Snaresbrook Criminal Court, 2016, importation of Cannabis

The Defendant was accused of conspiracy to import kilos of Cannabis from Africa. The evidence centred on an extensive police operation that involved vast amounts of telephone and internet data. The defendant was arrested by Undercover Police Officers once she had recieved the package of drugs. The Defence rested on her lack of knowledge regarding the content of the package. After representations on the first day of Trial the case against the Defendant was dismissed. She was the only Defendant in the conspiracy to be aquitted of the offence.


R -v- S, St Albans Crown Court, Conspiracy to supply Class B drug (Amphetamine), 2016

This was a conspiracy to supply over 25 kilograms of Amphetamine, involving 7 defendants. The evidence centred on an extensive police surveillance operation and involved significant telephone analysis and video footage.

Our client was accused of delivering a large consignment of drugs whilst under surveillance. The drugs were seized by the police immediately after they were delivered. We were able to demonstrate that the Defendant was not aware that what he was delivering was, in fact, drugs.

After a two week trial our client was the only defendant to be found not guilty.


R -v- L, Cardiff Crown Court, Conspiracy to supply Cocaine, Class A drugs and Firearms, 2015

This case involved a lengthy police investigation with the aid of covert surveillance.  The case proved to be one of Cardiffs most high profile drug cases in recent times and recieved significant media attention.

The Defendant was accused of conspiracy to supply cocaine with an estimated street value of over 3 million pounds.  He was also found in possession of a loaded firearm.

The Defendant did not accept salient parts of the Prosecution case. We were able to dissect the vast amount of evidence in the case and agree a basis of plea which resulted in a significant reduction in sentence and favourable result for the client.

The Crown Prosecution Service sought to confiscate hundreds of thousands of pounds from the Defendant.  After extensive representations and legal submissions it was agreed  the Defendant would not pay have to pay anything.    


R -v- H, Cultivation of Cannabis, Chelmsford Crown Court, 2015

The Defendant was accused of having a lead role in a sophisticated cannabis growing operation at his own premises where 360 cannabis plants were found.

We managed to agree a basis of plea with the Crown Prosecution Service which significantly limited the Defendant's role in the operation, to enable a reduction in his sentence.

The Crown Prosecution Service sought to confiscate approximateley £70,000 from the Defendant.  Due to our legal submissions and representations  we managed to reduce the figure in the region of £5,000.  




R -v- J, Pervering the Course of Justice, Canterbury Crown Court, 2017

The Defendant, whilst intoxicated, contacted her relative and alleged murder and kidnap.  The relative telephoned the police and a full-scalled police operation ensued.  The Defendant was arrested and charged with the preverting the course of justice.   We obtained references and medical certificates to demonstrate that the Defendant's behaviour was due to a mild mental illness.  The charge was downgraded to wasting police time.  The Defendant was given a non-custodial sentence.


R- v- O, People Trafficking, Snaresbrook Crown Court, 2015

The Defendant was accused of transporting illegal immigrants in his lorry out of the country whilst working in the course of his employment.

We were able to secure his acquittal by making a successful legal argument regarding the admissibility of the witness statements provided by the CPS.

The Judge accepted are application and the case was dropped on the day of trial


R- v- P, People Trafficking and Firearms,  Norwich Crown Court,  2016

The Defendant was accused of trafficking immigrants from Eastern Europe for the purpose of exploitation in an organised criminal enterprise. Firearms were found at his address.

A not guilty verdict was recorded on the first day of trial.


R- v- S, Southwark Crown Court, People Trafficking / Controlling Prostitution / Money Laundering, 2016

We represented  the Defendant in relation people trafficking, controlling prostitution and money laundering in complex proceedings at Southwark Crown Court.

The Defendant was accused of being a "madam", running a multi-muliion pound organised sex empire. Girls were transported to the country from Europe to work in the UK.

The Crown Prosecution Service sought to confiscate hundreds of thousands of pounds from the Defendant.  After a year of litigation (which included the instruction of a financial accountant by us) we successfully reduced the amount liable to confiscation from £162,000 to £3,000.  






R v I Securicor robbery, Inner London, 2012, robbery


The defendant was accused of a cash in transit robbery. He was found in possession of the monies at a house shortly after the incident, we were able to negotiate a reduction in the charge of robbery to handling stolen goods whilst the co-defendants were all convicted of robbery.


The defendant avoided a custodial sentence

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